Beware the ‘Safe Schools’ Bullying Law and Its Dangerous Companion

Welcoming Schools—coming to a school near you! By Barb Anderson What is Welcoming Schools? Welcoming Schools is a bullying prevention program for elementary children that is designed to force approval of homosexual behavior and reject parental authority. According to their website,, the three main themes of the program are: name-calling and bullying, gender stereotyping, and family diversity. Welcoming Schools claims to be the only resource of its kind that is “LGBT-inclusive” for grades K-5. Welcoming Schools subjects elementary children to mental and emotional manipulation through pro-homosexual classroom activities that confuse children and set up conflict in innocent minds over… [continue reading]

The Battle Against the Bullying Bill of 2014

Here is a summary of Minnesota’s Battle Against the Bullying Bill of 2014. Tragically, Governor Dayton and the Democrats in the Minnesota legislature shoved through their heatedly contested and deeply controversial Bullying Bill before the 2014 session ended last May. But the forceful, potent battle that was waged here in Minnesota against HF826 provides us with all the lessons we need moving forward. They passed the Bullying Bill, HF826, with not a single Republican vote, and, along the way, they lost even the support of three of their own DFL colleagues both in the House and in the Senate. They… [continue reading]

Radical Group Claims Victory on Bullying Bill

Reprinted from our May 1, 2014 email. The day after Governor Dayton signed Minnesota’s Bullying Bill, HF826, the Gay Lesbian, Straight Education Network (GLSEN) stepped forward to take credit for their victory. GLSEN had been discreetly low profile in Minnesota’s public battle to pass HF826, letting OutFront Minnesota do their front work. During the House floor debate on April 8th, Rep. Peggy Scott warned members in the House that GLSEN was behind this legislation, but the Democrats vehemently denied it. Rep. Davnie, author of the Bullying Bill, denied numerous times that any harmful and explicit curriculum would be introduced into… [continue reading]

The Bullying Bill (HF 826) and It’s Perfectly Normal: What’s the Connection?

Governor Dayton’s Safe and Supportive Minnesota Schools Prevention of Bullying Task Force Report is the guide to understanding the meaning of the carefully crafted words in the Safe and Supportive Minnesota Schools Act (HF 826). This report includes language that opens the door to emotionally damaging, sexually explicit curriculum for all school-age children regarding human sexuality. The Governor’s Prevention of Bullying Task Force Report reveals that their strategies include changing the “values, attitudes, and behaviors” of children by teaching them “the nature of human sexuality.” (Page 18) The Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS) is the… [continue reading]

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