Beware the ‘Safe Schools’ Bullying Law and Its Dangerous Companion

Welcoming Schools—coming to a school near you! By Barb Anderson What is Welcoming Schools? Welcoming Schools is a bullying prevention program for elementary children that is designed to force approval of homosexual behavior and reject parental authority. According to their website,, the three main themes of the program are: name-calling and bullying, gender stereotyping, and family diversity. Welcoming Schools claims to be the only resource of its kind that is “LGBT-inclusive” for grades K-5. Welcoming Schools subjects elementary children to mental and emotional manipulation through pro-homosexual classroom activities that confuse children and set up conflict in innocent minds over… [continue reading]

The Bullying Bill (HF 826) and It’s Perfectly Normal: What’s the Connection?

Governor Dayton’s Safe and Supportive Minnesota Schools Prevention of Bullying Task Force Report is the guide to understanding the meaning of the carefully crafted words in the Safe and Supportive Minnesota Schools Act (HF 826). This report includes language that opens the door to emotionally damaging, sexually explicit curriculum for all school-age children regarding human sexuality. The Governor’s Prevention of Bullying Task Force Report reveals that their strategies include changing the “values, attitudes, and behaviors” of children by teaching them “the nature of human sexuality.” (Page 18) The Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS) is the… [continue reading]

Bullying OP ED by Roger Chamberlain

This appeared in the Grand Forks Herald. Roger Chamberlain: Proposal complicates teachers’ lives while failing to help students I was bullied when I was in grade school and middle school. I was tall, skinny and I wore glasses. For this, and other reasons, I was frequently harassed and intimidated. While my methods of dealing with those issues were different than what we recommend these days, I do understand what it is like to be bullied, and I am committed to eliminating bullying to whatever extent possible. But we must be careful how we approach this, or we could end up… [continue reading]

Bill Melinda Gates Foundation Funds Nationwide Student “Character” Database

This is important information regarding the privacy concerns surrounding this issue. Read this article by Stephanie Simon. School Database Loses Backers as Parents Balk Over Privacy (Reuters) – A $100 million database set up to store extensive records on millions of public school students has stumbled badly since its launch this spring, with officials in several states backing away from the project amid protests from irate parents. The database, funded mostly by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, is intended to track students from kindergarten through high school by storing myriad data points: test scores, learning disabilities, discipline records –… [continue reading]

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